Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Realtime Search ? No ! Call it: Google realtime ticker (with a filter) !

You might have read the recent announcement of Google introducing realtime search and remember my previous post about the likelihood of Googles infrastructure facing a major challenge with realtime search. 

Ok, today's announcement has not yet proven me wrong. What Google presented today is not search how Google itself would define it. This is only a realtime ticker with a filter applied to it. No relevance rating is added to the ticker.

Realtime search is only a challenge if Google wants to sort realtime posts for relevance. The current solution does not do that. For solution no central infrastructure is needed. 

However if you would like to add some relevance factor to it, this is different. The computing of relevance of realtime updates would require a central infrastructure. When I use the term relevance think about something like a mechanism to rank often followed tweets higher than others, something where re-tweets push a result higher and where a simple tweet with no links and no follow-ups has a very fast degradation of relevance. This would be realtime page-rank. And for this you need a central infrastructure different from the massive parallel Google server world.  Lets wait and see.


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