Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It is your wrong data which stays

Some time ago i tested a service called Plaxo. Plaxo copies and updates your profile data to other peoples address book. When you update your telephone number in your Plaxo account all of your friends address books will be updated.

I only tested this service and deleted my account pretty soon. In my view  Plaxo was spamming other people with mail requests to update their entry in my address book. I found this whole concept a bit to intrusive.

In January after testing Plaxo, I received numerous birthday congratulations month away from my real birthday. First I was a bit confiused. It turned out that somehow I did not enter my birthday into my Plaxo profile and the default birthday of 1st January was replicated to a lot of my contacts. 

This all happened a couple of years back. And certainly since then, I am fighting on 1st of January against numerous wrong congratulations.

The general learning: Wrong data about you will stay present and impact your live for a loooong time. Wasn't there a movie about this ? (Remember: Buttle was wrongly arrested for Tuttle)

A happy new year to all of you! And congratulations !

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